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I believe everyone has their own style of learning and pace of working. It matters a lot to me how you learn and I will tailor the class according to your needs! Together we can accomplish a lot!


Cijfer: 7.5

I have personally studied 4 courses in Statistics and have a thorough understanding of how to interpret, understand and engage in statistics. Together we can work at a pace we both feel comfortable with and ensure you enrich your statistical knowledge and enjoy the course!

Cijfer: 7

Test theory is all about how to apply psychological testing in real life! We will work together to shed some light into the world of psychological testing!

Cijfer: 8

The topic of Biopsychology is rather fascinating and includes a lot of key terms one needs to know in order to accomplish complete Biopsychological understanding. I can help you get there!

Cijfer: 8

The Bachelor thesis is a crucial component to all degrees. I can help with proofreading, advice on how to proceed with your thesis to make it the best it could be and anything else you need help with.

Over Andrew

Hello there! I am Andrew, and I am a Bachelor’s in Psychology graduate and current Masters Student in European Politics. Throughout my studies I have learned a lot and would like to help you with your own personal learning if you would give me the opportunity! I have been teaching for 2 years now mainly Statistics, I have also taught Test Theory and Dialogue and Group skills. Before we start tutoring we will first meet in order to discuss your learning history, what you expect from me and how we will proceed! Looking forward to working with you!

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  1. Zein

    A very good teacher. He finds the way that suits you the best and teach you according to it. He is flexible and answered all my questions even after the lesson

  2. Nina


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