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I am a person who is patient and who is really good with people. I communicate really well with other people, regardless of their age, origin etc. I make people feel comfortable around me, show them that they are safe and can trust me. That way, they can really relax and we can actually have meaningful exchange. I am also patient, and always take the time to listen, explain, help and encourage people that are learning with me. With me, you are safe to make mistakes and have problems, because I won’t judge you and I won’t care about your level. I only care about where you can get to, and I will take the time that is needed to make sure you are able to learn.


Cijfer: 7.7

I performed extremely well in all the courses in International Relations and Political Science I have taken. I have a lot of knowledge of the field: I know the most important researchers, I know the most important theories, I understand the history of the field and I have a great amount of knowledge of the important events in world history. I am also curious, dedicated and hard-working. I really enjoy everything related to those fields.

Cijfer: 7.5

Philosophy is probably one of my favorite disciplines. I'm someone who thinks all the time, loves to debate and also really likes to read. That's basically what Philosophy is. I have taken multiple courses in Philosophy and performed very well in all of them. I am good at explaining complicated concepts in an understandable way, and I know that a lot of students in high schools have trouble with Philosophy, because they are not taught the subject in an interesting way. But Philosophy is fascinating, so if you want to learn, make sure to contact me!

Cijfer: 7

I have been learning German since I was 11. I have travelled to Germany on a number of occasions and have had German classes almost every year during my studies. I have reached the level B2 at University, which means that I can help high school students with their German classes. I speak German well, even though I'm not fully fluent.

Cijfer: 8

I am good at research. I write very well and have performed positively in every research writing course I have taken. I have also written a full Bachelor's thesis for which I have received a really high grade, which means that I know how research writing works and how to make sure you can write good papers. I can help you with your class assignments as well as your bigger research projects, like a thesis for example.

Cijfer: 7.5

Creative Writing is my main hobby. I am currently writing a full novel, which I have worked on for about 5 years, in the hopes of getting published at some point. I have also performed very well in creative writing courses at university level, so I am able to tutor you in a structured way.

Over Antoine

I think I can help students with many issues that they face when they have to study. I am someone who used to have big motivations problems. I had a hard time finding the willigness to work and study, and my parents always had to force me or remind me of what I had to do for school. I know what it feels like to not want to work, and I also know how to get you out of there.

I am also really good at helping people find interest in a topic they find boring. At my core, I believe everyone can find any topic interesting, provided they are given the right push, shown the right angle, given the right hook. There is always a way to get people into something they didn’t like before. I am good at that because I understand that people function differently. I don’t have one method that I use with everyone, I first try to understand who the person is and then I make a plan based on that.

I terms of my background, I am a French-Croatian Student who has lived in the Netherlands for the past 3.5 years. I study International Relations and Political Science, but my interests are much broader. I love history, philosophy, literature, cinematography, music, video games, strength training, skiing, sailing, writing, travelling, nutrition and many other things. Because I’m interested in so many things, I think I almost always have common interests with the people I meet. I can talk about anything and can relate to almost everyone, because I understand that there is something fascinating about literally everything in the world.

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  1. Almudena

    Antoine was very helpful and solved all my problems. He explained to me how to find the sources relevant to my study and we put that into practice. I recommend him 100%. He is very kind, patient and willing to help you with anything you need. I really appreciate his help. Now I know how to do my research proposal! Thank you very much Antoine!

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