Knowledge is important , but more important is curiosity , your appetite to know ‘how’ & ‘why’ of everything and once you understand the basics of something, most complicated problems also seems easy. Having said that it is also important to understand not everyone of us understand things similarly. That’s why I ask in advance where do you actually need help, so that I can prepare the material according to that. Don’t worry you will make it .


Cijfer: 7

This subject is about modelling and validating vehicle behavior, and covers broad spectrum of vehicle dynamics :
1) Linear and non- linear tire behavior
2) Comfort and road holding
3) Steady state vehicle handling
4) Non-steady state vehicle handling
5) Race car handling
6) Articulated vehicle
7) Driver behavior
8) Bike

Cijfer: 8

The course includes MATLAB Simulink :
1) Introduction and basics
2)Practical modelling and simulation
3)Model analysis and validation

Cijfer: 7

Physics is something that happens in our day-to-day life but we just don't realise it. The easiest way to learn physics is to understand the concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios. The course contains the following:-
1) Translational
2) Rotational
3) Vibration
3) Electrical
4) Electro-mechanical
5) Mass balance
6) Energy balance

Cijfer: 7

I have native fluency in English. If you a little bit of knowledge about English and want to learn more, I can help you with forming sentences, grammar, and improving your vocabulary.

Over Anuj

Hey I am Anuj. I am from India and I have a broad background in engineering, with bachelors degree in Automotive engineering, and about to finish my Masters in Automotive Systems from HAN University of applied science, Arnhem. I love machines and I am a ‘Petrol Head’.
I have experience in tutoring high school and engineering students , and this is where I learned to focus on individual needs. I could just help you with your problem area or completely from basics to top.

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