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Maastricht University

Hi! I had my Master degree in Forensic, Criminology and law at Maastricht University. I am currently a PhD student at Maastricht university in the field of international criminal law and public international law.
* Available for students in Maastricht and Sittard


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It is an advanced course taught at the Master level at Maastricht University, Its a branch of law which studies psychological part of criminal law. It includes witness testimonies, the reliability of testimonies collected by the investigative bodies during investigation. Also, attention is given to the different ways criminal evidence is gathered and interpreted by "law enforcement officials, public prosecutors, lawyers and judges from a legal psychology perspective".

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It is an elective course taught at the Master level at Maastricht University. The course offers an indepth understanding of both substantial and procedural law of international criminal law. It focuses on the elements of international crimes, criminal responsibility for the commission of international crimes, defenses and the relevant factors for determining a penalty. It also focuses on the different jurisdictions in the adjudication of international crimes.

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It is an advanced course taught at the Master level at Maastricht University. It focuses on advanced topics of criminal procedure from a human rights perspective. Major
topics of criminal procedure are discussed through the study of jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights: torture, inhuman and degrading treatment and violent police conduct; the right to liberty in relation to arrest and pre-trial detention; the application of presumption of innocence during and after criminal proceedings; the right to fair trial in relation to illegally obtained evidence and cross-examination; the right to privacy in relation to investigative measures.

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I speak English as my first language and also recently took the IELTS Examination.

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It is a course offered at the Master level at Maastricht University. It deals primarily with offenders’ criminal liability (e.g. the issue of diminished responsibility), identifyind various types of psychopathology (e.g., being able to distinguish psychotic
disorders from personality disorders); knowledge about the development, symptoms and treatment of these disorders; and determining how these different mental disorders may predispose one to criminal behavior (i.e., being able to evaluate how a particular constellation of symptoms can put somebody at
risk of committing a certain type of crime).

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Hello, I can also be called Edith. My field of expertise is mostly in law ( International criminal law, International humanitarian law, international human rights law, and transitional justice) as well as legal writing and research. academic writing (as i have taken courses as well as mentored student, so i can also help out with your papers and academic writing in English). As a tutor I am very patient, understanding and willing to adapt my approach to the student as a student. I also Try to grasp the concept of the topic before undertaking difficult task together.
It may be important to know that i am a down to earth, fun-loving person who loves to travel and explore different cultures of the world.

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