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Universiteit van Amsterdam

A Master graduate (in Finance), who has passed two levels of the CFA program.


Cijfer: 8

It's Advanced Corporate Finance course, taught at Master level at UvA. The course covers topics such as capital structure, equity offerings, private equity, mergers and acquisitions as well as advanced research methodologies.

Cijfer: 8.5

The course is taught as Master class at UvA, offering an overview of the various trading mechanisms deployed in real-world financial markets and of the techniques used to measure market liquidity empirically, leading theories of the determinants of market liquidity and the corresponding empirical evidence. The final part of the
course offers an analysis of the effects of market liquidity on asset prices, linking market, microstructure to asset pricing.

Cijfer: 7.5

This Master class is about the governance of firms. That is, it is concerned with the system of checks and controls embedded in corporate internal procedures, by-laws, financial and securities regulation, and market institutions that govern the relationship between managers, shareholders and other stakeholders. The course starts out with a general conceptual framework of corporate governance, an overview of major internal and external governance mechanisms, and a discussion of cases of governance failures. It covers several key corporate governance mechanisms, such as ownership structure, board of directors, shareholder activism, executive compensation, the executive labor market, internal governance, the governance of banks and the working of blockchains and their potential governance-related consequences. In that process.

Cijfer: 7.5

This Master course is about regression analysis, which in empirical finance is a powerful tool to analyse empirical relationships. Topic covers estimation and testing of the basic linear regression model by ordinary least squares (OLS), instrumental variables (IV), experimental data, panel data, time series, with practices in Stata program.

Cijfer: 8

Mergers and acquisitions is an important part of the growth strategies of many firms. This Master course provides insights in the various aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions. Topics include: i) rationales and strategic motivations for M&A’s; ii) valuation of targets; iii) M&A negotiations; iv) structuring an M&A and LBO deal, with practices in Valuation (Evaluate firm's value in each topic)

Cijfer: 7.5

The focus is on tools for corporate risk management and in international financing markets. The course ranges from basic hedging strategies for exchange rate risk via forwards, futures, options and swaps to financing and valuation issues in an international context. It analyzes strategic financing decisions, adverse selection, and agency problems associated with the three main firm policies in an international open economy: financing, investment and payout distribution. The effects of different governance arrangements will be explored in the context of debt and equity financing, initial public offerings and dividend payout policies across countries.

Over Minh Diep

A Sagittarius who is spontaneous, friendly and loves to travel.

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