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Hi, I’m a masters student that spends his time fighting with R. Any R doubts that you have or learning that you would like to do you can bring to me 🙂
My background is in ecology, and I’m really keen on data exploration, statistical analyses, coding, and different kinds of modelling. Most of this is applicable to any kind of data so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re looking for some support. I am also keen on supporting you with study designs, since this will be the bedrock of any analysis that you have to carry out later!
I like to share my knowledge with an emphasis on creating an understanding of both the “what” and the “why” when you’re doing an analysis. So depending on what your needs and priorities are I am always prepared to review statistics at different levels with you.

*For in-person classes I have restricted availability in the Hague


Cijfer: 9.5

This is not a class but personal experience in R and data-analysis beyond what I have had in courses, through theses and outside projects. I have put down the same grade as in the Advanced Statistics course to fill that space. As alternative qualification: at the moment I am busy trying to publish 2 papers for which I did the data analysis.

I am very comfortable coding in R, both with base R and with packages like tidyverse. My experience in data analysis includes basic tests (e.g., t-tests, chi-squared, anova), as well as generalized linear models with different structures, multivariate-analysis (PCAs, non-metric multidimensional scaling), and biodiversity analyses.

My current thesis is entirely R-based. I am working on creating a numerical model for several spatially-explicit populations. This is not statistical but is fairly coding-intensive. I am very comfortable manipulating different kinds of data and R-objects, as well as troubleshooting issues.

Cijfer: 9.5

Types of analysis: t-tests, anova, linear models/regressions, chi-squared tests, and non-parametric alternatives.
This course also covered the assumptions of each test and how to assess whether they are appropriate for a certain dataset, as well as the logic & math behind each test.
Other statistical concepts: confidence intervals, the meaning of p-values, sample sizes, the power of an analysis, hypothesis testing and how to think of the population to which your conclusions apply.

Over Thomas

I studied my Bachelors in biology/natural sciences at the University of Cambridge, and now I am following a Marine Resource Management master in Wageningen. Since my first year I have been involved with statistical analyses and R very often. I have done data analysis for several research projects outside of university as well. Now that all of my peers are busy with their thesis I have found myself helping a lot of them out with study designs and statistical methods. I find that I really enjoy helping people out with this, and puzzling together next steps when someone is stuck in their work!
I know statistics can be very daunting so I’m here to make it more accessible and guide you along 🙂

That said, I’m not here to only write out scripts. I’m more than happy to help you write code or design an analysis, but what I enjoy is helping people understand what they’re doing and why.

It’s hard to give you an outline of what a session would look like because that depends very much on what you need help with and your background. In general I like to discuss what your objective is first, and then explain what different options for data analysis apply, what you can get from them, and what they require. From there it depends on how you learn best 🙂 In general I like to do examples and draw things out visually.

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  1. Jeroen

    Thomas is een aardige en begripvolle bijlesdocent en heeft me erg goed geholpen met Rstudio. Ik was redelijk zoekende hoe ik op een efficiënte manier mijn data kon visualiseren en Thomas heeft me onder andere bekend gemaakt met R-Markdown en GGplot. Ik kon meteen aan de slag!

  2. Elske

    Heel fijne bijles gehad voor het programma Rstudio en het leren kiezen en toepassen van statistische testen op een ecologische dataset. Erg kundige en ervaren tutor met goed inzicht van statistiek en biologie. Ben erg blij dat ik deze tutor heb gekozen.

  3. Isabella

    Hele aardige tutor, fijne communicatie en heeft veel verstand van zaken op gebied van biologie. Heeft me goed op weg kunnen helpen!

  4. Pleun

    Legde alles goed en duidelijk uit. Ook waar berekeningen vandaan komen, wat mij erg hielp.

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