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I can help you through your studies related to Business Administration, Organizational Psychology, Environmental Studies and more challenging questions of life. In the first intake session we will take a look at what kind of help is most relevant for you, be it (theoretical) knowledge on the subject or academic skills such as processing big amounts of literature or writing a thesis. Available in English and Dutch.


Cijfer: 7

This course examines the 'best practices' of HRM (e.g. recruitment, motivation, talent development) in relation to organizational performance. Sometimes HRM related courses focus more on the strategic angle on when to use what HR practices (SHRM) or on the implications of HRM in an international/globalized context (IHRM).

Cijfer: 7

This course departs from basic knowledge of organizational theory and focusses on the adaptivity of organizations in to forces in their environments. Different perspectives and approaches to analyze this environment are explored and applied to strategic management challenges that organizations face.

Cijfer: 8

Central to system theory is the regulating capacity of systems. The extent to which systems can self-regulate or need to be controlled externally is the main point of discussion here. System theory can be applied on a wide variety of fields from mathematics to ecosystems, but my specialization is on organizational science.

Cijfer: 7.5

This course is about the design of organizational structures. Bottom line: as few management layers as possible.

Cijfer: 8.5

Knowledge is one of the most important assets of organizations. Some scholars argue it can't be managed, others argue it has to be cultivated as the main source of power. Different schools of thought on knowledge processes and -management are reviewed in this course.

Cijfer: 9

Cijfer: 8

Environmental studies is concerned about the 'soft' side of the environment. It studies human interaction with the environment with the goal to solve complex sustainability issues. It's a multidisciplinary field, ranging from geography, sociology, economy, biology, politics and philosophy.

Cijfer: 8.5

The circular economy is an alternative economic system to the linear take-make-waste model. It's about designing products with the intention for re-use and regarding waste as a resource. The field combines ecology and economy in a set of 'new business models'. I can help with theoretical understanding of this subject as well as creating your own circular business model.

Cijfer: 7

Bio-economy is concerned with replacing fossil fuels with renewable, biological resources. It explores implications for industry, science and policy without in-depth information on chemistry or technology.

Over Jac

I am Sjaak, raised in Tilburg and educated in Nijmegen. I have a background in Business Administation (WO) and I am currently doing a masterprogram on Corporate Sustainability. The focus is here on
sustainable development of businesses in the light of broader societal changes. Next to my studies I have four years of experience with tutoring and exam training for high school students. Besides, I started working as Entrepreneur in Resedence at Start Up Mix Nijmegen. Here I have the opportunity to coach students and young professionals that are working on a transition towards a circular economy.

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